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Having been inspired by the success of her family, Adriana worked hard for years to gain access to the world of fashion and modelling.  Adriana's career began on the 2000's, when she modeled for Calvin Klein, Loreal, Farouk Paris, Studio “ si “ Colombia, Levi’s, and others.  Acting as a fashion designer in her native Mexico state, Adriana's artwork achieved critical acclaim, as she won several awards in  the 1990 "Disney Draws" competition.  In 1992, Adriana created the toy of the year, wining this award in hischool.  Later, she enrolled in a fashion designer clothing academy and studied marketing  .  Later, she went on to open the “Casa Fashion” business where she created all kinds of clothing, including  casual, formal, compositions, couture and others.   In 2003-2005, she began designing  for a few stores in Mexico estate.   

In 2006, Adriana Valenti relocated to Orange County, California where she founded the not-for-profit "Show of Stars" art school for children.  The school inspired kids through education in the areas of modeling, dancing and singing.  Adriana played multiple roles, acting as founder, director, instructor, and even clothing and set designer.   About this same time, Adriana created "Diamant" a fashion line for men and women, that was featured in Expresion Latina magazine. 

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